Rental Conditions


  • In order to validate your reservation, you have to pay the deposit within 7 days after your reservation. If the payment is not in after 7 days, the reservation is cancelled.
  • If you cancel the reservation within 42 days, the down payment stays with the lessor.
  • The total rental price has to be fulfilled at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the rental period.


  •  The tenant must be in the possession of a valid “B” (car) and if necessary “BE” (trailer) drivers license. You will have to show it when you pick-up the trailer. 
  • The towing vehicle must have a maximum towing weight of 1850kg or more, if you rent one of the three trailers that have this maximum.
  • The towing vehicle must have a certified tow bar with an allowed noseweight of:
    • 100kg – Conqueror Comfort
    • 120kg – Conqueror Companion
    • 150kg – Conqueror Commander
  • At all times, the tenant is responsible for the rented trailer.
  • The towing vehicle has to have proper insurance according to the current regulations. This is the tenant’s own responsibility.


  • Upon returning the trailer, the tenant will inform the lessor of any damages, missing items, or other things of interest.
  • The leased items have to be clean upon return. If not, there will be a €50,- fee and will be subtracted from the deposit.  
  • After the return, the lessor will refund the deposit within 1 week and will distort any costs/fees after inspection of the trailer. 
  • In case there is damage, the deposit will be used to the extent damage costs.
  • If the deposit is lower than the total damage costs, the tenant will get a notice of default and is required to pay the outstanding residual sum.