The Conquest II is a great tough little camping trailer that can truly go anywhere.
Its light 490kg tare and narrow profile made it the best off-road performer in the
“Australian Camper Trailer of the Year” line-up for 2013. It has been specifically
designed as a lightweight, entry-level unit that is easily towable by mid-size

The Conquest II is different to anything else in its class and has the
capacity of many trailers more than twice its weight. Families upgrading from a
tent will barely recognize themselves in the Conqueror Conquest II. It is packed
full of interesting features, accessories and ideas, not to mention a huge amount
of storage relative to its size. There are 8 plastic ammunition crates fitted around
the body, big enough to fit all sorts of gear and each has a matching slide to fit
right into position, keeping everything safe and secure. The Conquest II comes with a king size bed. Attach the ladder, climb up and
you’ve got plenty of room to move.

Off-road is where the Conqueror Conquest II really shines. The Conquest II has
a robust construction and its compact length and good clearance make it an
agile performer. At just 3.45m long and 1.72m wide, it is short and narrow
following your tow vehicle anywhere. Its angled sides and 1.58m height mean
articulation is no problem even with low hanging branches and deep cuttings.

Conquest 2 - Best Seller in it's Class

About the Conquest II

General Features

These specifications are general for the Conquest II and some options can only be added when buying the trailer new. Some options might not be included or differ on second-hand trailers.


Body construction

About the Conquest II


About the Conquest II

Unique features