The Conqueror Commander model is the largest model in the Conqueror family at the moment. The Commander has many features and will follow you everywhere your 4×4 will take you.

To start, Conqueror trailers are built on their patented independent suspension system and provide superior handling and control because of their impeccable weight distribution, and the Commander is no exception! The Commander is built on a galvanized chassis, which is lighter due to the straightened C-section on the front beams. It rides slightly lower to the ground, has a shorter drawbar with traditional ball coupling, and over-ride drum brakes. Notably, the suspension includes a sway-bar, a feature not often seen in camper trailers.
The Commander features a lot of other interesting additions, such as a dinette at the rear which will seat four persons comfortably. When finished with dining this dinette can be converted into a decent size double bed, and left like that if desired.

No space is left unused, so there is a lot of storage space, inside and outside. Inside there are 11 different compartments, all closed by canvas doors with zips, with two compartments access the side pantry shelves. The fridge can be accessed from the inside as well as outside through a sliding rail. The Commander is designed with a hard roof and since nothing folds out or touches the ground, setup and pack-up in sandy, muddy or dusty conditions is quick and easy. This is also due to the design of the tent, which uses a minimum number of poles, pegs, and ropes. Since the Commander is so versatile, has extensive and clever features, and has an appealing price, it is the go to trailer for families and off-road adventurers.

About the Commander

General Features

These specifications are general for the Commander and some options can only be added when buying the trailer new. Some options might not be included or differ on second-hand trailers.


Body construction

About the Commander


Sleeping arrangements:

There are three types of sleeping arrangements possible:


About the Commander

Unique features

Modular slide out units for kitchen, bathroom, fridge, hot water system and storage shelves etc.



Outside living


Optional items