Driving off the beaten path is something every adventurer dreams about, knowing you would need to sacrifice some comfort. However, Conqueror has changed this with its whole line of off-road camper trailers, which pack similar comfort levels of home to any place you want. The Companion is extremely versatile and it has designated places for wine glasses and some even have a flatscreen tv! If you want to travel world to remote locations, the Conqueror Companion is the only companion you need. It features a clever kitchen with a two-burner stove, a double sink, fridge, and compartments for storing kitchen supplies. The Companion has a gas hot water system, shower on the side, and optional items such as air-con or DVD player.

No matter if you are a hardcore remote outdoors camper or if you like glamping, the Companion is the dream come true. With rock-solid construction and CNC-manufactured powder-coated body parts, the Companion combines flexibility and strength and can easily be transformed from a vehicle crashing through the wilderness to a quiet retreat. To avoid any dust from entering the trailer during a trip, a fan pressurizes the interior. With its hard roof, sides and floor, and flexible interior layout the Companion makes it ideal for both couples and families, sleeping up to 4 people off the ground. The Companion is as maneuverable and capable as a camper trailer as as a caravan, making it the best of both worlds.

Companion - Compact and Versatile Design

About the Companion

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These specifications are general for the Companion and some options can only be added when buying the trailer new. Some options might not be included or differ on second-hand trailers.

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About the Companion


About the Companion

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