The Compact 2 is the perfect mid-size off-road trailer in the Conqueror family. The Compact is built for the toughest conditions and suitable for couples or small families. Tow the Compact to the location you want and setup camp. When opening the tent, it reveals a double bed (1,5m x 2,1m) and gives a generous living area, which is suitable for a air mattress.

The Compact 2 has a full slide out kitchen and a minibar, which reflect Conquerors quest for luxury and comfort wherever you go! The Compact had a rugged construction, but due to a clever design it only weighs dry 490 kg! The design is also well balanced, positioning the twin water tanks low on the frame but out of harms way. This way the tow hitch is still easily lifted. The Compact 2 will get you outdoors with luxury!

Compact 2 - Strongest Off-Road Trailer

About the Compact II

General Features

These specifications are general for the Compact II and some options can only be added when buying the trailer new. Some options might not be included or differ on second-hand trailers.


Body construction

About the Compact II


About the Compact II

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