The Comfort isn’t just any off-road trailer; it has more features and compartments than a treasure chest. From mini bar to full slide-out kitchen and even a dedicated spot to hang your clothes, the Comfort provides Conqueror’s signature comfort and luxuries. When erect, the tent reveals a king size bed (2.1m x 2.1m) up top and a large living area down below. The bed can comfortably accommodate two adults (and a child) while the enclosed living area will happily house an inflatable double bed or two single camping stretchers.

The Conqueror Comfort has numerous storage compartments but the real magic happens on the sides and at the rear of the trailer where an L-shaped kitchen slides out on a robust drawer system. Camping chefs will love this setup.

Lastly, the Conqueror Comfort is built for the toughest conditions. Despite its rugged construction, the Comfort is surprisingly light (590 kg) and well balanced. Even with water in the twin tanks, the tow hitch is easy to lift. Most importantly, the Comfort shakes off knocks, bumps and scrapes with ease and is the ultimate off-road escape machine best suited for those families and couples seeking adventure.

Comfort - The Founder of Luxury

About the Comfort

General Features

These specifications are general for the Comfort and some options can only be added when buying the trailer new. Some options might not be included or differ on second-hand trailers.


  • 2.5 ton solid beam axle and leaf springs
  • Run in braking system with auto reverse
  • Heavy duty shock absorbers
  • Removable jockey wheel
  • Hot dipped galvanized chassis beams

Body construction

  • All body parts NC-manufactured
  • Body strength and flexibility ensure by high modules poly-urethane glue
  • Automotive industry door seals
  • All parts electro galvanized and epoxy coated

About the Comfort


  • Massive bed 2,1m x 2,1m and side room with 2,1m x 2,1m floor space
  • Massive awning all-round covers 49m2
  • Massive slide out L-shape kitchen include wash up basin drawer, stove drawer, cutlery drawer
  • Ample storage and wolf pack drawers and packing space all-round
  • Sliding rail for 80l fridge
  • Mini-bar
  • Bathroom cupboard
  • Hot and cold water on demand

About the Comfort

Unique features

  • All tents made of military rip stop canvas
  • Under 2 min set up time for tent
  • Special built massive nose cone with 2x side access and roof rack
  • 220v and gas operated geyser
  • 150l low center of gravity water tanks
  • Designated mountings for camping table, 2x gas bottles, 2x jerry can holders, spare wheel, axe and spade
  • Designated container for awning poles
  • Intelligent powerpack-20A, 14.2V with 220V inlet, extension and plug point
  • Designated places for a 105A maintenance free batteries

Optional items

  • Cutlery and Crockery  (standard on our new trailers)
  • Spare wheel mounted Braai (standard on our new trailers)
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